Tailor Professional 834 Sewing Machine Flash Cards

Our sewing machine flashcards are an excellent alternative when you don't have a manual for your machine, or you'd rather not search through an entire manual looking for instructions. Read on to learn more: 

The Benefits of Flash Cards:

  • Information at a glance.
  • Makes a handy manual replacement.
  • Laminated card stock for convenience and durability.
  • Easy to read convenient size of 8 1/2" x 11".
  • Excellent alternative for a manual.
  • Full color photographs.
  • Concise and easy to follow instructions.
  • Printed on both front and back.
  • Easy to store in a sewing table or bag.
  • Pin on a wall for easy reference.
  • Have more than one sewing machine? Mix and match cards.
  • Makes a great gift!

Information Included:

  • General information about your model.
  • Bobbin class, needle system, and bobbin winder tire size - with part #'s.
  • Oiling the machine.
  • Adjusting Tensions.
  • Bobbin winding.
  • Making buttonholes.
  • Sewing buttons.
  • Threading the machine head and bobbin case.
  • Information to keep your machine running smoothly.
  • Where to find parts, books and sewing machines.
  • Support email if you have questions.
Tailor Pro 834 Flash Card
Tailor Professional 834 Sewing Machine Flash Cards
You'll receive a total of four pages (2 Cards) in this set. Cards will be bound with a metal ring. Flash cards are shipped in a Priority Mail envelope.

Last updated Dec 10, 2019