Singer 15 Sewing Machine
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1919 Singer (early model) 15, born on October 14th in the Elizabethport Factory In Elizabeth, NJ. Serial # G7411662. With Tiffany Style Decals.

A 98 year old machine in pretty nice condition for its age. Minor scratches on bed, to be expected for it's age. Decals mostly intact, shows minor wear. Machine has been cleaned and lubricated. The tensions have been adjusted and she sews a beautiful stitch. The stitch length can be adjusted. Does not come with a light or motor. You can purchase a light on eBay if you want to add one. Refer to pictures for more details. I'll email a PDF Owner's Manual upon purchase.

Note: This machine is NOT a free standing machine. It will need to be installed into a treadle table or wooden base. (If you use a base, you'll need the motor setup, refer to link below for purchasing a motor.

You have two options for setting up this machine...

OPTION 1: To use with an electric motor:
1. Belt- you'll need either a 13-15" stretch belt, or a Singer Motor Belt #193077.  
2. Motor- Singer 15 Sewing machine motors can be found on eBay, along with the belts. Note: some sellers may include a belt with the motor, so check the listing first.
3. Light fixture - Optional.

OPTION 2: To use the machine with a treadle base:
1. Treadle belt- Buy these on eBay.
About this machine:Measurements: (for placing machine into a sewing table) Base of machine is 14.5" x 7".

Please Read:  This machine is in excellent working condition and all stitch settings/functions work properly. Any parts replaced on this machine will be listed as such above. I am committed to do my best as a seller to offer as much information as possible on all items I sell.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Shipping: This item will ship 1-2 days after receiving cleared payment.  The most affordable shipping for this items weight is Parcel Select via USPS. Insurance is included in the purchase price. Your machine will be SECURELY packaged for shipment. When you receive the machine, please open from top, and carefully remove. Please remove packing carefully.

I wrote a book on vintage Sewing Machine Repair, because servicing your own machine is that easy. Be aware that some sewing machine repair shops won't even bother with older machines because they want to sell you a new plastic one.
What I am selling is something you can't buy anymore. Plastic sewing machines today will never compare to the quality of a well running vintage sewing machine. All plastic sewing machines made today are 'throw a ways', and are MEANT to be replaced. Vintage sewing machines are still around today because they were made with quality materials, and were meant to be repaired, NOT replaced.  The interest of these wonderful vintage sewing machines is surging, as people realize what true quality really is. This is a nice solid machine that will provide you, AND the next generation with years of enjoyment.  In my personal collection I have 3 sewing machines from the 1800's and they ALL sew beautifully, what does that tell you? A plastic sewing machine will never last a fraction of that time, period.
If you have any questions about this machine, use the form below. I answer all emails same day until 5pm EST. Have a wonderful day!