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Inventory Updated May 25, 2020

We currently have ORIGINAL PARTS for 147 vintage models.
*Parts are added on a regular basis so check back often*
We’ve added a ‘Bulk Buying’ option to each parts page. Having this option means that you’ll save A LOT of money when you buy parts in bulk. This is excellent option for:
  • Someone who wants to have parts for their favorite vintage sewing machine(s).
  • For those who fix/sell vintage sewing machines.
  • For someone wanting to start a business.
Abraham & Straus 100 Deluxe parts FLASHCARDS 
Singer 245-3 Industrial parts
Singer 293B parts 
Singer 301 parts
Singer 306W parts 
Singer 327K parts
Singer 328K parts 
Singer 337 parts
Singer 347 parts
Singer 348 parts
Singer 354 Genie parts
Singer 360 Fashion Mate parts
Singer 404 Slant O Matic parts 
Singer 413 Stylist parts
Singer 431G Slant O Matic Convertible parts 
Singer 457 Stylist parts 
Singer 513 Stylist parts 
Singer 534 Stylist parts
Singer 543 Stylist parts
Singer CG 590 parts 
Singer CP17 parts
Singer FM17C parts
Singer 591 D200A parts
Singer Touch n Sew 600 parts 
Singer Touch n Sew 603 parts
Singer Touch n Sew 630 parts 
Singer Touch n Sew 648 parts 
Singer Touch n Sew 750 parts 
Singer Touch n Sew 755 parts 
Singer Touch n Sew 758 parts
Singer Touch n Sew 774 parts 
Singer Touch n Sew II 775 parts 
Singer Merritt 1872 parts
Singer Merritt 2404 parts
Singer 2662 parts
Singer 3102 parts 
Singer 4423 parts
Willcox & Gibbs FLASH CARD 
Windsor B parts 
Note: If you need something right away that's in the process of being listed, let me know and I'll pull it for you. I answer all emails the same day until 5pm EST. Thanks, Connie.

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  • The Make of your machine
  • The Model #
  • The Serial #
  • A couple of pictures


We respond to all emails Monday-Friday until 5pm EST. Weekends if available. Holidays excluded. We will never share your email

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't get a response from us please re-send your inquiry. Some emails have come back to us as undeliverable, so please double-check your email address when contacting us. Thank you.

Helpful Products for Vintage Machines:

Highly recommended for safely removing rust. For bad rust, soak the items overnight, and use a #0000 steel wool to aid in removal.
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