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How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain Your Vintage Sewing Machine: Second Edition eBook- January 2017, by Connie McCaffery

Description: If you liked the First Edition, then you'll love this special edition. The second edition includes the same content as the first. However, minor revisions, additional repair topics, an index, and spiral binding were added. It's a 'new and improved' version of the popular first edition.Written with the novice in mind, this Second Edition guide, 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain Your Vintage Sewing Machine' will show you how to do just that. With easy to follow step by step instructions, you'll feel confident working on your own vintage sewing machine. It's like having an instructor right there with you.

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How To Rewire Vintage Sewing Machines  eBook– Oct 18, 2017, by Connie McCaffery

Description:  An easy to follow guide for rewiring the original lights, motors and foot controllers, including knee controllers on your vintage sewing machines. Also included is also how to add a new light, motor and foot controller.

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How To Use A Tailor Professional Model 834 Sewing Machine  eBook– March 20, 2017,  by Connie McCaffery

Description:  This guide includes both easy to understand instructions and photo references. You'll learn about your machines' functions and how to use them.  Included are: threading diagrams, sewing with a twin needle, stitch selections, troubleshooting, servicing, sewing buttonholes, an attachment list and more.

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How To Make Money With Vintage Sewing Machines  eBook– February 27, 2017, by Connie McCaffery

Description:  There are online groups filled with thousands of people from all over who gather to brag about their latest vintage sewing machine find. If you do an online search for vintage sewing machines, you'll come up with many listings. Some sell vintage machines, while others sell parts. Some totally restore vintage sewing machines, others reproduce the decals. Some handcraft beautiful wooden cases. Those machines which cannot be repaired are reclaimed, and there are some very imaginative people out there. The point is, vintage sewing machines are not disappearing anytime soon. This guide will tell you about sewing machine salvage- where to find machines, selling sewing machines, selling parts, creating listings, where to sell, popular models, shipping and more.
How to Use a Vintage Sewing Machine  eBook– March 2, 2017, by Connie McCaffery

Description:  Whether you've never used a sewing machine or just need a refresher, this book will assist you in mastering the vintage sewing machine in no time. This guide includes both easy to understand instructions and photo references. You'll learn about the functions, how they differ on various models, and how to use them. Also, learn how to troubleshoot, care for your sewing machine, and more. *Excellent for both kids and adults *Concise instruction *Quickly gain confidence to master your machine *Makes a great gift! Note: While the information in this book may generally apply to all sewing machines, it does not cover the specific use and/or operation of computerized sewing machines.

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