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'Matthews A' Treadle Sewing Machine For Sale
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$50.00 -Pickup Only

Clean it up and you'll be ready to sew...

This is a 'Matthews A' Treadle Sewing Machine, made by the Davis Sewing Machine Company. Exact age unknown, likely from the very early 1900's.  It's definitely well over 100 years old.
The original shuttle and 1 bobbin are included. The whole unit needs a good cleaning. The table is one of the nicer ones I've come across. Uses rotary feet.  Uses a 20x1 needle. I purchased a new belt, which is included but not installed. The irons are decent and all 4 wheels are present. The decals are still gold and in decent shape for their age. The leaf tension is intact. There is some pitting on the bed of machine, with some loss of decals. Please also refer to the pictures, as they are also part of the description. This machine does not come with any attachments or manual, (though I will provide information on how to thread it). Treadle belt installation instructions will also be included. The drawers take a 'triangle' shaped key, not included, but this can be found on eBay.
All parts move freely and the machine sews. Refer to pics. This table type is called a 'Davis Automatic Lift & Drop' Cabinet. This means that when you open the leaf top, a chain (which is attached to it), will automatically lift the machine up and out of the cabinet. Note that there is currently a zip tie securing the chain to the lift top (refer to pics). It's secure for now, but I recommend swapping the zip tie out for something made out of metal, for extra security.
This machine and table will be extremely beautiful and fully functional once restored. This machine will easily last another 100 years.
Located about 20 minutes east of Riverhead, NY.
Dimensions of table: 31" tall x 34" wide x 18" deep.
I answer all emails until 5pm EST.
If you are interested in this machine, use the form below. I answer all emails same day until 5pm EST.
Thanks and have a great day!, Connie McCaffery