How to use a Sewing Machine for Beginners

How to use a Sewing Machine for Beginners Flash Card Set


Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine but felt intimidated by it? No worries! With this flashcard set I will walk you through the steps to get you sewing quickly! Great for kids too!

How to use a Sewing Machine for Beginners Flash Cards
You'll receive a total of 10 pages, (5 Cards) in this set. Cards will be bound with a metal ring.

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Information Included:

  • Parts of a sewing machine
  • Setting up your machine
  • Adjusting the tensions
  • Needle, fabric and thread chart
  • Winding a bobbin
  • Sewing a straight stitch
  • Sewing a zig zag stitch
  • Sewing a buttonhole
  • Where to find sewing supplies
  • How to buy a vintage machine, with a recommended models list
  • Sewing machine maintenance
  • Storing your machine
  • Common sewing machine issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support via email if needed

The Benefits of Flash Cards:

  • Information at a glance.
  • Laminated card stock for convenience and durability.
  • Easy to read convenient size of 8 1/2" x 11".
  • Full color photographs.
  • Concise and easy to follow instructions.
  • Printed on both front and back.
  • Easy to store in a sewing table or bag.
  • Pin on a wall for easy reference.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Makes a great gift!
Customers love our flashcards: 

Really handy!! - Singer 348 Flashcard set.

Just what I needed for my machine! Singer 221-1 Flashcard. Mark

Connie, I received my flash cards today. WOW !!  They are awesome.  I assume you put the ideas, and layout together, since I have never seen something even close to these.  You did a great job with the format, tips, etc.  The Laminate “seals” the deal!.  They are a great reference, and I am keeping them in arms reach by my work bench.  Also, wanted to give you another thank you for the discount, it did help, and I am glad I made the purchase.Thank you, Len.

Excellent product laminated to protect from moisture which is needed in my humid climate of West Central Florida. My second purchase from this seller for a similar fact sheet on another Singer product. Wonderful. Singer 221-1 Flashcard.

I love the fact that the notes are laminated. The postman left the plastic sleeve with these notes inside with the mailbox partially open due to the size of the sleeve. We had an unexpected storm come through. Indeed the sleeve kept all dry inside the package but it was a reminder that other accidents happen over time to paper products and these informative resources will stay safe and with the ring attached will stay together. Sent quickly, safely and I highly recommend this product and the seller! Singer 201-2 Flashcard.

Very helpful!  A good check list for maintenance as well. Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD.

Great tool to have! Singer 128 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD 

I just received my order that included the Flashcards for the Singer 128. What a great idea! I am going to teach my 16 year old twin granddaughters how to use my 2 vintage Singers this summer (also have a 15) and the Flashcards are perfect for the future lest they forget. Thanks. Kathleen

Perfect help reference! Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD 

Thanks for the quick ship! Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Fantastic item. Thank you. Singer 12K Sewing Machine FLASHCARDS

Perfect help reference! Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Looks like it should be very helpful with my 201. Singer 201-2 Sewing Machine FLASHCARDS

This is a great flash card with lots of good info for your vintage sewing machine. Love that it is laminated Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Great item for 201-2 users! Excellent Customer Service! A+++. Singer 201-2 Flashcards

Thank you, absolutely the best. I was able to fix my old white machine by using the Singer cards. Thank you for such high quality cards. 

Thanks! I did find them helpful. Julie 

Hi Connie, Yes, I did purchase the flashcard set for the Singer 66.  I did find it useful, although I thought it would be more in depth, like, for example, how to take apart, clean, and adjust the bobbin winder.  My husband had brought home a $5 Singer 66 for parts.  First, I used the flashcard to identify the version--Singer 66-6.  I messed about with the machine to see if I could take apart, clean and replace things like the needle bar, presser foot and hand wheel.  I knew how to thread the machine for sewing, but I did not know how to wind the bobbin.  The pictures on the flashcard were handy to me for a quick visual on how to get the thread to the bobbin winder and the bobbin.  So I will use the flashcard as a handy reminder on how the Singer 66 looks and operates. Sincerely, Carole M

Hi Connie, I really like the 201 flash cards, its awesome to have some history of the model, along with the specifications of commonly needed part numbers, as well as maintenance tasks. The pictures along with the step by step instructions was a plus as well. I am planning on eventually getting the model 66 flash cards as well since I have a Red eye and Godzilla. Thanks, Bruce

Very Nice. Thanks so much. Singer 221-1 Featherweight Sewing Machine FLASHCARD Set 

Really prompt shipping and well made booklet. Nice large pictures and easy to follow directions. Singer 201-2 Flashcards

Very straightforward and love that it is laminated to avoid any oil or grease marks!  Singer 66-1 Flashcard

Thank you so much I received it this morning just what I needed. Great stuff thank you. Singer 201-2 Flashcards
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