How to install a treadle belt
What you need:
Treadle belt, hammer, pliers, 2 clothespins, a small nail and a strip of wood. Note: treadle belts are easily found on eBay
Step 1:
Wrap the treadle belt around flywheel, and pull up belt through holes in table and secure with clothespins to hold in place. Bring the ends of the belt together, and with a marker, mark the end of the belt where the staple reaches. Be sure not to join the belt too tight together when measuring. Once you cut the belt, you can't go back if you cut it too short. When in doubt, leave a little extra.
Step 2:
Take on end of the treadle belt and using the tiny nail, slowly and carefully tap a hole into the belt. The hole you are creating will be where  the ends of the belt together with the staple (comes with the belt). Be sure to make the hole in the middle of the belt. Note that the strip of wood is for protecting the table when you're hammering the nail into the belt.
Step 3:
 Place belt back on treadle and secure ends with the staple.
  • Before securing, make sure the belt is in place in both the flywheel and balance wheel tracks.
  • Don't make the belt too tight or using the machine will be difficult; too loose and the belt will slip. You want it just tight enough to grab the wheel and turn it. Finish securing the ends of the belt with the staple, and crimping it with pliers.
  • Lastly, trim off any excess belt so the ends join neatly together as shown...
  Note: if the  belt is too loose, simply open the staple on the belt end, remove the belt and make another hole.
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