Herbal Aromatherapy Rice Heat Pads

Helps to naturally relieve pain

Our herbal rice heat pads are filled with lavender buds and rice. When heated, the gentle heat helps to soothe aching muscles. The lavender aroma helps you to relax.
Uses:  Some great uses for this item are for the: lumbar, stomach, back etc.

To use: Heat in the microwave in 25 second increments. Since microwaves differ, heat with caution. Do not over heat.

Warning: Do not use on babies, children or those who are bed ridden.

Size:  Approximately 13" x 6"

To clean: Wipe the surface with damp rag. Do not place in washing machine or water.
Flowers & Fruit Rice heat pad

Flowers & Fruit Rice Heat Pad
Floral Splash Rice heat pad

Floral Splash Rice Heat Pad