Common Sewing Machine Issues
By Admin on June 17th, 2014
Most common issues people have with their sewing machines are needle and thread problems. Once you understand a few simple things, you’ll be confident in using your machine.
Symptoms: The machine won't sew, thread breaking, thread bunching, won't make stitches, stitches are loose, etc. This is So frustrating!
Here’s what to do: (for each step refer to your manual as needed)

1. Make sure the needle is new- even a small burr, bend, etc on a needle can break threads. Change the needle after every project.
2. The needle is inserted wrong.
3. Check the thread & needle size- make sure you are using the correct size needle and thread for the fabric you are using.
4. Correct threading of machine- make sure the threading of the machine is correct. One move in the wrong direction can prevent your machine from sewing stitches.
5. Needle threading- make sure thread is inserted through the eye of the needle in the right direction.
6. Bobbin threading- Make sure that the thread in the bobbin is facing the correct way & threaded correctly, if not, you will not be able to make stitches.
7. Bobbin case- make sure the bobbin is inserted into the bobbin case & threaded correctly.
8. Bottom stitches are loose & ‘loopy’ (when trying to sew) An upper thread tension adjustment is needed. Please Note: you only have to turn either way just a hair! Turning the tension assembly too much in either direction with throw your stitches off. Turn left will loosen the tension & right to tighten.

!! Always test sew on scrap fabric to test your stitches & make any adjustments needed before starting a new project.